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25 June 2009
I got bored with making glitters for a while, sorry :P

07 May 2009
Been a while, hasn't it? Well, I got a new job... I'm really excited! I'm also finishing up my 2nd year of college... and I just turned 20 about a week ago!

15 April 2009
I know, I'm lazy (@_@)! But, I've updated a lot! ALL of the seasonal/event glitters now have their own code pages. I added a Disney section, as well as updated the miscellaneous and Neopets sections. I also have two new glitters:

12 March 2009
Yea, uh... sorry about the lack of updates! I had mid-terms with week... plus my boyfriend gave me Guild Wars for a late Valentine's Day, so all my time has been being sucked into those two things e_e; But, I bring gifts!:

2 March 2009
Yay, it's March! I've been busy with HM: ToT and class, but I have managed to update the "Greetings & Comments" section so that they also now have codes when you click on them. Next, I'll work on the "Seasonal" section. Have a great week!

28 February 2009
All pages now have updated navigation. The glitters in the "names" section each now have their respective codes that you can copy and paste.

27 February 2009
Still working on creating code pages for all of the glitters, but I'm making good progress! I also added a guestbook today! Once I start taking requests again, this is where you can leave them. I also added two new glitters today! One general anime glitter, one greeting:

2 March 2009
Yay, it's March! The "greetings and comments" section has been updated with the proper codes, I'll work on seasonal next. I've been distracted from the site as of recent due to class and HM: ToT (*_*)

26 February 2009
All glitters in the "anime" section now have HTML codes and BBCodes you can copy and paste! I'll do this soon for all categories. Let me know if there is any trouble with the codes.

25 February 2009, 7:30 P.M. EST
The site is now divided into categories. More to come soon. I hope you like it so far! YES I will be taking requests again as soon as I am not busy with class. Mid-terms are coming up :)

25 February 2009
Welcome to my website. It has just opened, so everything is right here on just one page for the time being. Time permitting, I will have this site divided into seperate HTML pages by the coming weekend. Enjoy my graphics! If you wish to contact me do so via tobis.graphics57 [at] This is an e-mail account for things concerning this website which redirects to my real e-mail account, so don't bother trying to spam it as I can delete it at anytime I wish ;)